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Hair type: Hat

Ethinicity: Latin American

Cock Type: Cut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 265 | Added: 07-15-2016

Cool pool boy Esteban is one of those people that's in the news right now.

He is, you see, American - but he's also of Mexican heritage and so, pretty unusually for kids of his age, he's taking quite a bit of interest in politics at the moment.

"I know that my mom and dad came to the US legally", he tells us.  "But I'm not sure that applies to all my extended family.

"So I get a bit worried when I hear politicians talking about sending Mexicans back south of the border. Of course, in some cases it wouldn't bother me.  I'd be cool if they sent back mean Aunt Inez or Uncle Hector with the wandering hands.  If they got deported, I wouldn't give a tortilla chip.  

"But I don't want my cousins Pablo and Enrique to go.  Pablo's hung like a donkey and Enrique's really cute.  You'd really love them both."

Unfortunately for Esteban, though, the issue's  not so clear cut as that.  He has, you see, a thing for older men.  Apparently, if they're blond it really helps.  And it's no big disadvantage, either, If they're successful businessmen  or even self-proclaimed billionaires.

"If it comes to the crunch", he tells, "Pablo and Enrique will just have to forgive me.  

"I could even end up voting for Donald Trump."







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