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Hair type: Black

Ethinicity: Latin American

Cock Type: Cut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 146 | Added: 11-07-2016

As you can clearly see, HMBoy Dano is something of a sun lover.

Now, as you'll know if you're any sort of photographer, shooting in bright sunlight can cause real problems, both with exposure - of both the technical and the bodily variety! - and, especially, with unwanted shadows.

And that's especially problematical on a website like ours where we know that our members want to see every possible square inch of our models' bodies in the greatest clarity.

But when Dano's boyfriend sent these pics in to us, we cast aside at once any doubts we might have had about the lighting.  And we know that you'll thank us for doing so.

Dano, I think we can all agree, is a superb example of an HMBoy at his best.  If he doesn't win you over with that wonderful smile of his, you must have a heart of stone.  And, with that beautiful face, well shaped torso and generously endowed equipment down below, he's certainly the full package.

Even if you're the type of guy who plasters himself with sun cream before venturing outside in summer, we're certain that you'd snap up the chance to join him on his favourite beach or in the tempting privacy of his folks' solarium.



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