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Robert T

Hair type: Blond

Ethinicity: Western European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 122 | Added: 01-18-2017

You'll probably recall how we recently spilled the beans in our photographer's unfortunate habit of breaking wind while working in small studios with our models - and how, as a result, they sometimes asked to be photographed outdoors instead.

Not surprisingly, our poor snapper was quite put out that we'd revealed his malodorous propensity - though, thankfully, not his identity - to the world and so he insisted that we redress the balance somewhat this week.

Our models themselves, he was keen to point out, can have anti-social habits too.  He reminded us, in that context, of Robert T., a charming young man who'd had a particularly long journey - the last part of it on foot - to get to the location where we'd arranged for his photoshoot to take place.

It being a hot day, Robert arrived in a pretty hot'n'bothered, sweaty state.  As a result, no sooner had he started stripping off his clothes than our guy felt compelled to shove him under a very necessary hot shower.  

As it so happened, we hadn't featured a shower sequence for our site in quite some time, so our photographer decided to take the opportunity while Robert was there in front of him.  After his shower, the boy enjoyed some further time in the adjacent sauna which gave him the chance to sit down and demonstrate some skilled work with his hands.  Thankfully, by that stage our cameramen was able to get all the close-up shots that you like so much in a  far more fragrant and congenial atmosphere!



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