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Arunas P.

Hair type: Blond

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 156 | Added: 02-10-2017

You'd think, wouldn't you, that's the very last thing that we'd be interested in on website like this one would be clothes.  After all, the whole point of what we do here is to photograph our models without them.

But, when we first looked at these pictures of the exceptionally cute young Arunas, his clothes turned out to be particularly intriguing.

It wasn't just the snazzy black-and-white outfit in which he began the sequence.  Lots of our boys, in fact, turn up to their photoshoots apparently under the misapprehension that they're about to walk down a Paris fashion house's runway.  For some reason they seem to quite forget the fact that, by the time they reach picture 10 or 20, no-one at all will remember - or even care in the slightest - what they'd originally been wearing.

No, what really intrigued us was what you'll see from picture 19 onwards: young Arunas's remarkable underwear.  The boss, of course, thought that he recognised the style at once.  Some while back he'd apparently had an encounter with a young missionary who'd been going door-to-door in the neighbourhood but who, in a completely predictable twist of fate, had ended up being converted himself by the boss - if not necessarily in a religious way.

"That boy's wearing Mormon magic underwear", he told us as he looked closely at Arunas's pictures.  "Google it, if you don't believe me".  

Lots of us who'd never heard of such a thing did just that - only to find that the boss was right.  

You can do just the same thing as we did.  And if, even then, you still don't believe that Arunas P. actually turned up to his HMBoys photoshoot in magic underwear, just watch the utterly supernatural way that he doubles the width of that juicy cock of his within just a few seconds of its first appearance.  If that isn't magic, what is?





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