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Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Western European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 134 | Added: 06-19-2017

After a few weeks where our HMBoys have been very much outdoor types, liking nothing better, it seems, than exposing their luscious dicks and succulent rear ends to the elements, it's good to be back indoors once again with Francis.

Unlike his two predecessors, Damyan and Ivan, who appeared to enjoy spending time in the woods enjoying the wildlife, Francis might be said to take greater pleasure in his own very different form of wild life.  

In his spare time he's usually to be found in a bar or a night club where, it goes without saying, he's often the proverbial life and soul of the party.  Among his friends, he's well known as a boy who's up to a challenge and who's often been heard to say that he'll try anything once.

Well, as soon as he heard those words, our photographer made Francis an offer than he just couldn't refuse.  And so, as a result, he's become our latest model.

We've been told that, once these shots were in the bag, our photographer went on to issue another - rather more personal - challenge to the boy who'd boasted that he'd "try anything once".

But unfortunately we can't confirm that with any photographs.  After all, there was no way that our guy could have held a camera while his hands were fully occupied elsewhere.


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