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Leo A

Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 223 | Added: 07-10-2017

When a boy's travelling maybe hundreds of miles to get to one of our photoshoots, you can imagine that we take great care to make sure that he arrives fully prepared.

We send him directions to our location.  We send him lists of what to bring - including changes of clothes (which boys are often surprised to find they'll need, even if pretty soon they'll be coming off!) and any favourite porn or toys that might help him get in the mood.  We remind him to avoid any sex - even of the solo variety - for a few days beforehand, so as not to exhaust his cum bank. 

And, particularly when we've arranged to shoot our pics in the outdoors where there's no running water, we stress that he'll need to arrive squeaky clean (this is not, after all, one of those websites where the members like boys to look... how shall I put this?... deliberately dirty in their intimate bits).

To drive the last point home, the boss commissioned some photographs of his latest favourite model, Young Leo, giving himself a good scrub in the bathtub.  As well as it giving him a good personal excuse and opportunity to get the boy a little grubby beforehand, he thought the pics might be a useful visual aid for some of our applicants who are just a bit slower on the uptake.

Unfortunately, we're now beginning to think that Leo himself might be one of those dimmer types.  After all, when you're showing wannabe models how to prepare for their imminent session in front of the HMBoys camera, it's not really a good idea to demonstrate shooting off a precious load of your hot, white goo in the bathtub...

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