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Adam H

Hair type: Blond

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 96 | Added: 08-28-2017

Lots of members seem to assume that the "HM" in HMBoys must be the boss's initials.  Harold Murgatroyd, perhaps.  Or Horace Marjoribanks?  

In fact, "HM" stands for Home Made - the original idea bring that cute boys could get a friend to take their pics and then send them in.

But in practice not many boys know how to take good - let alone erotic - pictures.  So, whenever asked, we usually send them a few samples of the sort of thing they should be aiming for.  

The set of Adam H's pictures that we're posting today offers a good example of the sort of thing that any boy with a decent camera (even the ones on phones are pretty good these days) and a willing accomplice can achieve.  As you can see, cute young Adam has clearly followed the HMBoys rule book...

Rule 1: OK, you won't be using a professional photographer's studio, but you can still shoot good photographs at home provided that you conceal a typically cluttered and distracting domestic background by hanging a plain sheet behind you.

Rule 2: use a prop.  Don't just stand facing the camera.  Use something like a chair or a stepladder: they'll not only add interesting shapes to the images but you can stand against them or lean on them so as to show off your body in all sorts of interesting positions.

Rule 3: make sure that you look good enough to eat.

Rule 4: enjoy! (And that goes for the rest of us, too!)

Check out some samples from this gallery: