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Mark W / Evan A.

Hair type: Brown / Brown

Ethinicity: Latin American / Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 255 | Added: 12-18-2017

Arranging to shoot a duo isn't the easiest of things.

Sure, we get quite a few applications from guys who are already boyfriends.  But arranging the logistics of a mutually convenient time and place is even harder than usual when it involves two people - plus the odds are doubled that one of them will need to pull out of the shoot at the last minute for some unexpected reason.  In one or two cases, we've even discovered late in the day that the one who's sent in the application hasn't actually told his boyfriend anything about it yet - which slows the whole process right down when we have to start explaining everything from scratch for a second time.

What often happens, therefore, is that when we've got two single models booked in for work on the same day we suggest that, as well as each performing in a solo shoot, they might want to get together afterwards in a duo set as well.  That's how this week's HMBoys Mark and Evan met each other for the first time and, from the moment that they set eyes on each other, both of them were obviously really keen to go ahead.

As you can see, our Creative Director (yes, we really do have one!) had specified that the shoot should depict some sort of rudimentary story.  But that really is the only fictional element to the whole thing.  Mark and Evan really were completely taken with each other that afternoon - and, as we understand it, they still are.

Our only problem now, though, is that, at least for the time being, neither of them is available to work with any other of the cute HMBoys that we'd planned to go on to pair them up with!

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