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Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 122 | Added: 01-19-2018

Jacco isn't, of course, his real name.

It's the one he chose as an alias for his gay modelling career.

But what an odd choice...  

We looked it up.  Had he, we wondered, named himself after a particular Dutch badminton player of that name?  Or a Dutch tennis player?  Maybe it was the well-known (well, at least well known in Holland) Dutch multi-instrumentalist who goes by that name?  Or an eminent Dutch swimming coach?  

As you will have gathered, "Jacco" is a big name in the Netherlands.  In fact, other than those examples all we could find was a Swedish rapper who uses it.

But no, our boy told us, it wasn't any of those.  In fact, if you look "Jacco" up on Wikipedia, you'll find that there's just one more instance of the name that we haven't yet mentioned.

"Jacco Macacco" - a "fighting ape or monkey exhibited in monkey-baiting matches in London in the early 1820s."  Look it up here - it's an amazing story that's well worth a read.

But why, we were desperate to know, had our boy chosen to name himself after, of all things, an ape?

The answer, he said with a knowing smile as he pocketed the cash we'd paid him for modeling, was obvious.  He was always, if the price was right, up for a bit of pleasurable monkey business...


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