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Guilles / Simon B.

Hair type: Brown / Brown

Ethinicity: Western European / Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Gabriel & Guilles, Guilles & Simon

Coming on 09-03-2018



Pictures: 235 | Added: 09-03-2018

There's something about water.

At least, there is when it comes to porn.

Think about it...  Aren't lots of your favourite pics of hot boys set in showers - or around a pool - or in a bathtub?

We asked our photographers why they're so keen on setting up photoshoots with a watery theme.

Some of the reasons are completely practical.  Setting your story around a bathroom or, more ambitiously, a pool gives your models a believable reason to strip off and show their wares to best advantage.  Meanwhile, on the technical side, wet skin, when properly lit, always looks wonderfully sexy.

All our guys also pointed out that water's a great ice breaker.  Get your boys playing around with or in it for half an hour, said one, and they'll soon be completely relaxed, comfortable in each other's company - and ready for some hard core on-film action.

Of course, when you're shooting outdoors, it also helps if the weather's good.  As you'll see, today's HMBoys Guilles and Simon enjoyed their time in the bright summer sunshine - even though, as it turned out, they got so carried away with each other that, at least on camera, they never actually managed to make it into the water!


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