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MYSTERY DICK FOR 05-23-2019:

Each week you are allowed to make ONLY ONE entry submission. Don’t forget to fill the model's name and the file from which the dick was taken.

We will contact the winner by email.
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Cryptic clue:

He had a legendary brother in Paris

The Contest:

Just how well do you know the HMBoys? How closely have you studied their pics and video clips?

Think you could recognise one of them just by a shot of his dick – helped out, maybe, by an itsy-bitsy clue?

Every week we’ll be posting a pic of an HMBoy’s dick on this page. And we’ll be offering a great prize to the Sherlock Holmes who identifies the owner!

After you’ve enjoyed yourself finding the answer, enter your HMBoys Username that you use to log in, your e-mail address and the precise picture that we’ve taken the dick from (e.g. HMBnikolay037.jpg) in the boxes to the left and click “OK” to send it in.

The winner – chosen at random from all the week’s correct entries – will win either any one of our HMBoys "Home Movies" series on CD-ROM or DVD or six months free membership to our acclaimed sister site Twink Academy.

Good sleuthing - and good luck!

last week's dick detective

The answer to last week's dick detective was

Blaze - HMBblaze53.jpg

Don't forget you have to specify the individual dick pic in order to win!
The winner was: DBR21