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Michal M

Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 152 | Added: 05-23-2019

With a pretty good weather outlook, we agreed to meet our latest HMBoy Michal in an attractive woodland setting.

Michal, as you can see in the first few pictures, arrived on foot.  We, on the other hand, being busy men of the world - and due, in any case, to meet another cute model a bit later elsewhere (we have such a hard life!) - had brought our car.

Michal, it turned out, is a boy who's pretty keen on automobiles.  In fact, the motive for his modeling work was actually to pay for driving lessons.  He was quickly all over our machine - not that it's anything very special, but to an 18 years old wannabe driver just about any car's an object of desire.

So, as you'll see in his pictures, Michal used our car as a prop for his modeling.  First he draped himself sexily over the bodywork.  Then he climbed into the driver's seat so we could get some pictures of him jerking off.  Finally, he got back outside so that we had plenty of light for the all-important money shot.

Unfortunately, our boy got so excited and carried away that he shot his load unexpectedly quickly - and, even though we got a very good picture of it for you, he made one hell of a gooey mess all over our newly washed car.

Being a very polite boy, Michal used our box of tissues to wipe the cum off the car. 

Of course, we can be just as well-mannered ourselves, so in return we naturally offered to wipe his goo - very carefully, very thoroughly and especially slowly - off Michal's delectable young body.




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