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Hair type: Blond

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Sergej, Sergj



Pictures: 237 | Added: 05-31-2016

Those of you with longer memories will no doubt recall that this isn't the first time we've encountered young Sergej.

Las time we heard of him he was an aspiring and very ambitious male model, hoping to break into the big time - first in his native Russia and then going on, he planned, to conquer the wider world.

But, if you go back and look up that original set of pictures that we posted, you'll see that his initial attempts - at least, as seen here on the HMBoys website - didn't go quite as he'd intended.

And, unfortunately, the same's true of the photo shoot that we're posting here today.

Sergej's problem this time was that he was asked to model a range of beachwear - but neither he nor the retailer that wanted the pictures had the ready cash to send him to the coast.  In fact, as it turned out the whole photo shoot had to be done in, of all places, a local forest.

Our boy wasn't too despondent, however.  The private woodland setting allowed him the opportunity, as you'll see, to do a little "supplementary" assignment for the photographer at the end of the afternoon.

So even though we don't think young Sergej will end up boosting beachwear sales to any great extent, we still reckon that he'll be giving our HMBoys members a pretty big boost in all the right places.


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