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Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 152 | Added: 10-17-2016

If you ever plan to shoot some pictures of your favourite boys - and maybe even send them in for us to share with your fellow members - here's a little tip.  

Most boys get a little bashful or even embarrassed when being photographed.  And, as you can imagine, that's even more so if they're taking their clothes off and revealing their naked bodies.

So, to produce the best pictures, you really do need something that'll help relax them and so show themselves off at their best.  One of the easiest things you can do is to give them a prop - something that they can look at, occupy their hands with (when those hands aren't doing anything else, of course!), make the occasion look more natural and generally distract their attention from you the photographer.

It doesn't really matter what the prop actually is, because - although the boy will be looking at it as if it's the most wonderful thing in the world - anyone else looking at the eventual photographs will no doubt have their eyes in quite a different place.

So we don't expect you to pay too much attention to the mini basketball hoop that Justas plays around with in the photo set.  As you can seen, he's grown up amazingly since the long-gone days when it was his favourite childhood toy.  We think that he's actually one of the cutest boys that we've featured... well, since the last one...

And we know that you, like all our members, will be far less interested in the ball that's in his hand in pics 12-14 of his full set than those that he's playing with in the rest of them.

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