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Ryan James

Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: North American

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 159 | Added: 03-20-2017

As those of you who occasionally contact us for details of how to get in touch with your favourite HMBoy will know, we guard out models' personal details very carefully.

In fact, it's only by promising to do so that we can persuade some of the more hesitant or nervous boys to pose for our camera and for your pleasure.

So we were somewhat taken aback when a potential model told us to use what appeared to be both a first name and his family name name when presenting his pics on our site.

As it turned out, however, "Ryan James" is just his two first names put together.  And, when he arrived for his photoshoot wearing dark glasses, it was clear that, far from openly flaunting his identity, RJ was perhaps even more shy than most.

In fact, he hadn't even been planning to take those glasses off at all until we said that we really couldn't go ahead with the shoot unless he did.

Thankfully, once those glasses were removed the boy had little hesitation in taking off the rest of his stuff in pretty short order.

And, as you can see for yourself, we're very pleased that he did.

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