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Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Western European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Kaleb



Pictures: 326 | Added: 02-12-2018

It was more than nine years ago that we first posted a set of Kaleb's pictures on our site.

So you'll probably have forgotten that he's a German boy who lives in a remote part of the countryside - which turns out to be an ideal location for some of his wilder get-togethers with his many cute friends.

If you go back into the HMBoys archives and take a look, you'll see that when we posted that first set of pics we pointed out that the background scenery looked almost as attractive as the young man in the foreground.

And our photographer clearly thought so too because he subsequently returned to shoot a second set of pictures of Kaleb in the outdoors in all his glory.

Being the busy guy that he is, though, our snapper somehow misplaced those pictures and it was only recently, while cleaning out old files on his computer, that he came across them again.

Here, then, is Kaleb once more. 

Some of you may think he's a little on the rough'n'ready side. 

But for those of you who positively like that sort of thing, our photographer clearly recalls that while Kaleb could certainly be a little bit rough at times, he made up for it by always being more than ready!

Check out some samples from this gallery: