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Aleksas P

Hair type: Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 113 | Added: 04-08-2023

Our photographer's plan was to shoot Aleksas's set of pictures on the river bank.  It's quite a remote spot, so he thought he wasn't likely to be disturbed.  Aleksas, though, had some entirely different ideas. 

It was a hot summer's day and, after travelling quite a long way to get there, the boy fancied a dip in the cool water before he was ready to begin his modeling work as our latest HMBoy.  Rather than miss a golden opportunity, our guy just snapped away as Aleksas climbed out of the water and took a sort of behind-the-scenes sequence that we thought you'd enjoy seeing.

Refreshed by his dip, Aleksas turned out to be a very co-operative model.  Mind you, we weren't exactly taxing him by scheduling a particularly active sequence of pictures.  In fact, all we wanted him to do was to stretch out naked on the grass and let the warm sunshine - and a boy's natural urges - work their magic.  And it wasn't long at all before they produced the desired effect.

Of course, once he'd taken himself in hand, as it were, Aleksas ended up making rather a sticky mess.  So it certainly won't surprise you to hear that he insisted on a second dip in the water before he and our guy packed up their kit after a successful and productive afternoon's work on your behalf.


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