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High quality and original content, a fresh clean look, sophisticated yet user-friendly navigation, competitive pricing and sheer value for money continue to draw record numbers of members to – one of the interest’s best known and most successful teens’n’twinks sites.

But equally important to our success is a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our Affilates. Our most recently introduced tools to help Affiliates work with us include:

• Free Hosted Galleries that are customisable to individual requirements
• A Smart Thumbs interface allowing TGP operators to easily import FHGs into Smart Thumb script
• An even wider range of promotional pictures and other material
• The facility to integrate the HMBoys Boyfinder console into an Affiliate’s own site design
• FHGs and Boyfinder consoles pre-coded with the Affiliate’s personal CCBill account ID, removing any future need to worry about coding links

We are committed to taking the HMBoys conversion and retention rates up to even higher levels in the months and years to come – and we hope you will join us on that exciting journey!

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