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Erick / Erwin

Hair type: Black / Black

Ethinicity: Latin American / Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Erick, Erick & Matias, Erick, Erick & Matias, Anibal, Erwin & Francois



Pictures: 140 | Added: 10-21-2019

First-year college students Erick and Erwin are planning to rent an apartment together next year.

A one-bedroom apartment.

So you don't need a PhD in human relations to work out what that means.

The situation's pretty clear, in any case, as soon as you look at their HMBoys pictures.  These two just can't keep their hands, their mouths or their dicks off each other - luckily for us!

Right now both boys have taken summer jobs so they can put down a deposit on the apartment they want.  But, even so, they need to get as much cash together as they can.

"Neither of us have ever lived away from home before", says Erwin.

"We were shocked when we found out how much things cost - not just the rent but the utility bills and even the cost of groceries."

Thankfully, we at HMBoys were happy to come to their rescue.  We couldn't bear to think of these two boys sitting at home in the dark and eating bread and cheese every night. 

I guess some of you might think that makes us softies.

But, thankfully - and as the pictures make absolutely clear - that's not a word that you can apply to either Erick or Erwin.

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