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Hair type: Black

Ethinicity: Eastern European

Cock Type: Cut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 112 | Added: 03-20-2020

Given that he's 19 years old, Julio is something of a rarity among the HMBoys - he's a virgin.  Apparently, he's been on quite a few dates but hasn't yet met someone that he'd like to sleep with.

"I know I seem old-fashioned", he told us, "but I really want to wait for the right one to come along."

Even though Julio's attitude disappointed our photographer who enjoys any opportunity to sample the goods while he works, the rest of us found it quite endearing.

It posed, though, a particular question that we couldn't help asking - does the boy have any sort of sex life at all?

"You needn't worry", he said.  "My right hand's my best friend, so I can still give you what you need for your pictures."

Even though he sleeps alone, Julio admits that, like all healthy boys, he's been known to hump his pillow at night from time to time.  So, as a little joke, we produced an enormous bean bag to use as a prop during his shoot.

It seemed, as you'll see, to inspire him.  And if, we thought, he can get that excited over nothing more than a piece of soft furnishing, we'll need to make sure we're around when he's eventually got another boy in his arms instead. 


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