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Ches / Cyprian

Hair type: Blond / Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European / Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Cyprian



Pictures: 124 | Added: 08-18-2020

As you can see, this week's HMBoys, Ches and Cyprian, don't need reminding about the importance of safe sex.  In fact, within five pics they've already introduced us to their favourite condoms.  With Russian text on the packet, they're not a brand that any of us working here at Twink Towers - none of whom could possibly be described as sexually inexperienced - has ever seen before.  But seeing the boys so conscientious in their work reminds us of our obligation, especially in times like these, to promote public health.  So, here's an important warning to you all: not all condoms are the same because they're often designed specifically for the local market!

Ches and Cyprian will be fine because they've sourced theirs locally.  But if you visit an unfamiliar part of the world, you could easily get into difficulties.  Quite apart from possibly poor quality control, there's one simple issue that, unless you're prepared for it, can easily come as a complete surprise.  Size.

Locally-produced condoms reflect the physique, shall we say, of the targetted indigenous market.  So, while a "large" condom sourced in sub-Saharan Africa might loosely accommodate your whole fist with room to spare, you could well struggle to fit more than a single finger into a similarly labeled product bought in south-east Asia.

The lesson is that you should stay safe on vacation by always taking your tried and trusted brands from home.  

Ches and Cyprian, of course, don't take holidays.  As demonstrated here, they find plenty of ways to relax completely pleasurably without the need for tropical sunshine or a sandy beach.  And perhaps, in the current circumstances where lots of us can't have an anticipated vacation, we should seek out our own home-grown Ches (or Cyprian) and enjoyably follow their excellent example.


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