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Hair type: Blond

Ethinicity: Australian

Cock Type: Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

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Pictures: 238 | Added: 01-15-2021

Even we at Twink Towers aren't, it seems, immune from the world's economic difficulties, for just this week The Boss has announced a new round of redundancies.  Our days at the treadmill will no longer, he's decided, be enlivened by the presence of the office intern (very upset - he'd just been promised a promotion to Deputy Head of Paperclips), the office masseur (not too worried - his famously skilful hands will never want for gainful employment) or the office poolboy (no, of course we don't have an actual pool in the office - but we just love to watch him walking around the place all day in his speedos).

This time, though, even top management has been affected by the economy drive.  Our Creative Director, for instance, has been told that in future he has to be rather less creative when it comes to developing his notoriously elaborate scenarios for our models.  There's to be no more hiring of costly sets or elaborate period costumes, photoshoots are to be organised outdoors if possible (in all seasons) to save on lighting costs and orgies to be limited to three boys only (though, if the budget only runs to two, The Boss will graciously pencil himself in as no. 3).

If you don't count the intern, the masseur and the pool boy, poor Kale has been our first HMBoy to be affected by the new rules.  Bedazzled by what he'd seen in a few upmarket boy-on-boy movies, he assumed that we'd whisk him off to a glamorous location in the sun where he'd get to frolic all day on a golden, sandy beach before making hot, passionate love with some of the most beautiful boys on the planet.

Of course, even without reduced budgets, the glamorous location and the sandy beach were never on the cards.  It goes without saying that such perks are reserved for just a few of the hottest HMBoys in the company of senior management (so now you understand why our intern was so distraught at not making the Paperclip Division).  Instead, as you can see for yourself, Kale was the guinea pig for a low-low-budget photoshoot.  He wore (briefly) his own clothes.  He posed not in a hired studio but in our photographer's pokey old bathroom.  He wasn't allowed to have hot water in the tub (too expensive to run the boiler).  With no overhead shower, he had to use a less than glamorous hose.  And, horror of horrors, he had to use a bottle of generic shampoo. 

All the same, eager to launch his X-rated career, our cute boy Kale kept a smile on his face and rose gamely above all the difficulties - and we know that you'll enjoy watching him as he rises too.

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