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Michal M / Jan G

Hair type: Brown / Brown

Ethinicity: Eastern European / Eastern European

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures

Other content: Michal M



Pictures: 135 | Added: 03-16-2021

One of the many characteristics of the pandemic lockdowns is just how many of us have lost track of time.  These days a weekend feels just like a couple of ordinary weekdays, to the extent that it's sometimes difficult to recall what day it actually is - or whether that even matters very much any more at all.

Maybe that loss of track of time explains why we at Twink Towers have found ourselves imagining that it must be about the middle of February by now - or, to be precise, Valentine's Day.  What else, after all, can explain the way in which the latest pair of HMBoys, Michal and Jan, hit it off so immediately and successfully during their recent photoshoot that they're now an established couple.

Of course, you'll see in the pictures that we helped them out a little by providing a bottle of champagne - and that certainly loosened any shyness that the boys might have had and encouraged them to share their mutual enthusiasm with us and with you.

It was, in fact, such a hot session that just the initial encounter in the bathroom provided us with more than enough pictures for today's update.

Soon, however, Michal and Jan were eager to move on to the bedroom where there was much more space for some even steamier moves - and our photographer was, of course, on hand to record it all.  It goes without saying that we hope to share his shots with you before too long, so giving you more than a little excitement to look forward to in these otherwise bleak days.


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