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Hair type: Black

Ethinicity: Asian

Cock Type: Cut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 129 | Added: 08-31-2021

"There's a boy across the river with a bottom like a peach - but, alas, I cannot swim" - Pashtun song Zakhmi dil.

"A woman for business, a boy for pleasure..." - old Pashtun saying.

The pashtuns are a people living in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but their lands extend as far as the border with Iran.  Coincidentally, the name of this week's HMBoy, Darius, originated in ancient Iran - or Persia - where it was given to several of their kings, so it's not impossible that, many centuries ago, the inspiration for those lustful, boy-loving Pashtun poets might have been a youth of the very same name.

Just like that unknown boy from centuries back, our modern-day Darius has a bottom like the juiciest of peaches.  He also possesses - as those old Pashtun connoisseurs would certainly have appreciated - a cock like the ripest banana, lips like the reddest, most luscious fruit and skin as smooth as silk. For those of you who like the prettier type of boy, HMBoy Darius will be something of a find.

Thankfully, his parents gave him the Persian royal name that's easiest for modern tongues to grasp.  Would we still have posted his pictures if he'd been Achaemenes, Xerxes, Cambyses, Ataxerxes or Sogdianus?  Undoubtedly yes - because, although we'd probably have re-named him Wayne or Craig or Jordan, he'd still have had that exquisite bottom like a peach...


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