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Dave / Mark E

Hair type: Black / Black

Ethinicity: Latin American / Latin American

Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Set Type: Pictures



Pictures: 127 | Added: 01-29-2022

One of the interesting things about operating a website like this one for two decades is that, as time passes, you see a lot of changes.

OK, a dick wiill always be a dick - and a hot ass looks, thank goodness, much the same now as did it twenty years ago.

But one of the most notable changes that we've seen over the years is in boys' attitudes to appearing in gay porn.

When first started showcasing the hottest young boys around, most of our models like Dave and Mark would claim to be straight.  Or, at the most, they might admit that they were "gay 4 pay".  

Nowadays, though, whether because of changing attitudes in society in general or because many young people have been given a more liberal and open-minded education, more and more of them are open to telling us that they're gay - or, as in the case of Dave and Mark, basically straight but intriguingly "bi-curious".

We, of course, are happy to encounter and, indeed, encourage, as much curiosity as any of the boys exhibit.

And, meanwhile, we're equally curious to see just how far any of them will go in front of the HMBoys camera - which, as you can see, was, in this particular case, a very long way indeed.

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