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Volume 3

A Walk in the Park

Run time: 35 MInutes
Format: CD-ROM
Volume: Volume 3
Price: $10.00

Hi guys, we're Gavin and Pierre. And, just to get it right from the start, Pierre is the one on the right in the orange baseball cap.

Man what an adventure it was making this video. It was a hot summer day in Toronto and we thought it would be nice to get out of town and into nature. Turns out alot of people had the same idea! I've gotta admit, the thrill of being in a public place made us both hard real quick.

It's kinda hard to finish the job when you are worried about being caught, so we decided to head back to our apartment and continue things there.

We had alot of fun making this video, it is over 35 minutes long and completely unedited. Oh and by the way, Pierre and I are both versatile. Although Pierre likes it up the ass more then I do. Don't tell him I told you that :)

Things never get boring around our place!

Take a look at some screen shots from our video…

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